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disney travel specialist

This week I want to address 5 myths I hear about using a Disney Travel Specialist to book and plan your Disney vacation……

Myth #1:  I will lose all control over my vacation if I use a Disney Travel Specialist.

Wrong! The fact is, you can still have as much or little control over your vacation as you want. Yes, you will have to contact me to make any changes or payments, BUT you would have to call Disney to do those things anyway, and I am MUCH easier to get in touch with. My clients can text me, email me, Facebook message me or call me. You can book with me and still do all of your own planning if you wish and just have me here to monitor for discounts and for help if you need it. I have also had clients who have booked their trip and left all of the decisions up to me because they didn’t want the hassle. I do as much or little as my clients want.

Myth #2:  If I book my vacation with a Disney Travel Specialist I will pay more.

Wrong!! The price you pay for your Disney vacation when you book your trip with Starts With A Wish Travel is the same price you would pay if you booked your trip direct with Disney. There are no fees for anything and you even get a booking gift!

Myth #3:  I don’t need a travel specialist for my Disney vacation.

Wrong!! There is a lot you will need to know for your Disney vacation…..resorts, dining, tickets, transportation…and that’s just to get the trip booked! It takes a lot of reading and research to know the ins and out of a Disney vacation and it takes a lot of time. Time that you don’t have!! Let me help. I am a Disney Travel Specialist. You just have to tell me what you like and make a few decisions and that’s it! Let me take care of the planning and booking and reserving and you sit back, relax, and get excited for your trip!!

Myth #4:  All travel agents are the same.

Wrong!! There is a HUGE difference in a general travel agent and an agent who specializes in Disney destinations. A general agent will book your trip. Done. I will help you decide which resort, tickets, dining plan, transportation options are best for you, book the trip, make dining recommendations, set up your online account, book your ADRs, book your Fastpass+, set up all transportation, book any special experiences, AND plan all of this around the parades and nighttime shows so you don’t miss a thing! A general travel agent is not going to do all of that. I am also available when you are on your vacation for any help you need. I want my clients to have a magical vacation and I do everything I can to make sure they do!

Myth #5:  If I book my vacation with a Disney Travel Specialist I will not get anything I want.

Wrong!! I will give you recommendations based on my own experience on my Disney vacations and my past clients feedback, but you have the ultimate decision. I want you to pick what you think will work best for your family. Its your money, your trip. You tell me what to book and I do my best to do it. If I can’t, I will always come back to you.

If you are still not sure about booking your Disney vacation with a Disney Travel Specialist, let’s talk about it! It costs you nothing and I can explain in detail how it works and then you can decide! Just click here to contact me!

Do you have questions? Comment below!!